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Should You Be Paying More for High-End Makeup?

There were sticky pink stripes marking the floor, vibrant patches of sparkling color sprinkled across the couch, and tiny black paw prints leading from a smashed smokey eye palette to the cat tree. The cats had evidently played beauty shop. I mean, after all, who can resist playing with designer makeup?


DIY Laser Hair Removal: Shed Hairs but Save Cash

Epilation may be great for hairy masochists but for the rest of us, there’s hand-held, do-it-yourelf laser hair removal. If you’re looking to get hairless skin all over for the long-term without excruciating pain (and I’m guessing you are), allow me to introduce you to DIY laser hair removal.


5 Makeover Hacks – Get a New Look without Resorting to Plastic Surgery

My first cat was feeling so down she stopped doing all of her favorite things.. until she got a new haircut! Brown-Cat could not, would not stop looking at her reflection in the mirror or strutting her stuff. She looked kind of like a lion and she acted just like a kitten. Brown-Cat’s makeover boosted her…… Continue reading 5 Makeover Hacks – Get a New Look without Resorting to Plastic Surgery


The Simplest Makeup in the Whole Wide World

I’m so addicted to makeup, that even on days when I “don’t wear makeup” I totally still do. I enjoy the process of glamming up before going out or snapping a selfie, but some days I just feel too lazy to go through my whole routine. Here’s my go-to look for lazy days. The Simplest…… Continue reading The Simplest Makeup in the Whole Wide World

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Beauty Mistakes & How to Correct Them

There are no written rules to makeup, and even if there were they would be constantly changing and updating. Nonetheless, there are some application techniques that just don’t flatter any face. I’ve made just about every mistake there is to make when it comes to applying makeup, and I’ve also learned some helpful corrections that I’d like to share with you! My makeup style is evolving, and yours can too. Here are some beauty mistakes and how to fix them:


All About My Bengal Babies

Bentley and Teenee, as she’s more commonly called, are Bengal cats (read: a handful). Their unique coloring and coat pattern is reminiscent of leopard fur because, well, they’re part leopard. Bentley and Teenee are about one quarter leopard, which not only accounts for their looks, but also their dog-like intelligence, cravings for human interaction, and insatiable curiosity.


How to Flatter Your Unique Face Shape with Makeup

I’ve always had a pretty rough relationship with contour palettes. Across my makeup-wearing life I tried a variety of palettes in pursuit of the sleek, mature look of a perfect contour. No matter what products I turned to my contoured face consistently looked muddy and overdone. But the problem wasn’t the palettes–it was me. I had the wrong texture highlight and bronzer/contour for my skin type, the wrong brushes for applying and blending makeup, and, the biggest culprit of all, the wrong…

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NYX Makeup Haul!

I recently wandered into an NYX store hoping to find some matte liquid lipstick in a gentle nude tone. $100 later I walked out of the store with two jumbo bags filled with makeup–including that nude lipstick I was looking for (plus, like, a zillion other shades) from the NYX Lip Lingerie collection. I so did not intend to buy a suitcase-full of new makeup, but every time I turned around I found a product that I just absolutely needed! I have definitely become a fan of NYX Cosmetics…